Do SMS Donations Work?

One question we often get is: Do SMS donations work, and how well do they work? Check out the infographic below for some compelling data.


The infographic above says it all. Virtually all the research out there says that your nonprofit will raise more money with an SMS donation service in the mix than it will without one. Offering SMS donations to your donors increases the number of opportunities your organization will have to collect donations from your prospects.

SMS donations also increase your overall reach, giving you new audiences that you wouldn't otherwise be able to connect with. As people move away from traditional giving and towards mobile giving, you'll be best positioned to meet prospective donors where they are.

DCHS Football Boosters Inc.

One of our recent success stories was client DCHS Football Boosters Inc. They used our technology during their fall 2016 fundraisers in Tennessee and Northern Mississippi. Through our innovative, peer-to-peer text to donate platform, they garnered over 3,100 prospective donors and raised approximately $150,000 in just a couple of weeks.

Baltimore School for the Arts

Another successful client was Baltimore School for the Arts. They hosted a fundraising gala for their school and raised over $20,000 over a weekend. The development manager, Katie Byram, told us that our SMS donations technology was a critical component of the event's success.

It's just good marketing. Learn more about how our SMS donations service can work for you.