How to Collect Donations

One of the advantages of the carrier-billed text to give services is that they make it easier and faster for donors to give to your organization. However, these types of text to give services also have drawbacks. It can often take many weeks to receive your funds from the mobile carriers, and donors are usually limited in the amount they can give (usually $5 or $10). In addition, these services typically have lots of red tape and hidden fees that make most nonprofits ineligible.

By contrast, we offer a text to donate service that does not charge the donor's cell phone bill. (In a previous post, we talked about how you can get donations using Paypal.) Instead, we send your prospective donors a link to check out via Paypal (or the payment gateway of your choosing). A challenging to our type of text message donation system is that there can be a higher abandonment rate, however we mitigate this risk through our Donation Collection Assistance program and other auxiliary services.

Donation Collection Assistance

One thing we offer that our competitors don't is donation collection assistance. If you purchase either our Smart or Pro Plan, you'll get several hours of donation collection assistance (and social media promotions) as part of your package. This means we will actively text your subscribers and prompt them to complete any outstanding donations.

With this add-on service, you may request that we send collection reminders to your subscribers up to 6 times in a month. This helps bring back any prospects who abandoned checkout before completing their donations. All you have to do to use this service is just send us an email requesting a collection text message to be sent out.

Social Media Promotions

We offer other ways to help you collect donations. For example, we provide social media promotions with our premium plans. We schedule social media posts to go out on our Facebook and Twitter feeds, which have over 5,000 followers combined. This gives your campaign an added boost of awareness.

Bulk SMS Blasts

A third way we help you collect donations is through tapping into our SMS subscriber base. We have over 7,000 SMS subscribers. You can order Bulk SMS advertising with any of our plans, and we will send periodic blasts to our membership promoting your fundraiser. 

As you can see, there are many ways Gnosis Media helps you collect donations. You don't just want pledges. You want those pledges to turn into actual funds in your bank account. We help you collect more than you would on your own by leveraging the power of our network. Sign up for our text to donate service today.