What are your prices?


Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! If you do not acquire at least one new prospective donor within your first month of service (i.e., if you don't get at least one person to text your keyword to your shortcode within a month's time), we'll refund your first month's payment-- no questions asked.

How does the service work?

  1. Choose a keyword that will trigger your donation sequence. For example, ITL2017, GUARDIAN, AUTISM. Your keyword can be any combination of letters and numbers. Must be 5 or more characters. No spaces or special characters.
  2. Once you have your keyword in mind, head on over to the order form
  3. Choose your package, supply your PayPal email.
  4. Give us the link to your donation page, if applicable.
  5. Give us your text message reply.
  6. Tell us whether you want to use us, PayPal or your own payment gateway as your payment processor.
  7. Once you pay, we set up your keyword on our short code, which is 77948.
  8. Done!

Now, when a prospective donor texts your keyword to 77948, she receives a prompt to donate to your charity. The prompt includes a link to your mobile-friendly PayPal or other checkout page to complete her donation.

How does your service differ from traditional text-to-give services?

The difference is that, with a text to donate service like ours, people technically only pledge a donation amount. They then have to go and actually complete the donation through a separate checkout. With our service, your prospective donors send the first text message. That message is the pledge. Then we send them back a link to your Paypal to actually complete the donation.

By contrast, a conventional text-to-give service (like the one the Red Cross uses, for example) takes the donation from the donor's phone bill. This saves the donor from having to complete the extra step. However, there are some drawbacks to text to give. These include the inability to customize the send-and-receive messages; many restrictions; and many requirements which make it impossible for most nonprofits to qualify.

Can I send a text blast to phone numbers I already have?

One question we get fairly often is, "If I have a list of donor or customer phone numbers, can I send them a text blast using your service?" The short answer is: Not without prior, explicit and written permission. We do offer bulk SMS services, for an additional fee. But as a rule of thumb, we cannot send text blasts to phone numbers unless they've first opted into a keyword or shortcode. We explain what written, explicit consent entails in this blog post.

Can I offer my donors both one-time and recurring donations?

Not if you're going to use PayPal as your payment processor. However, you can use us as a payment processor, and then yes you can offer your donors both one-time and recurring donations. When you use this option, we charge a 6% transaction fee, and we disburse funds to you within 30 days of receipt via check. To use this option, just check the checkbox "Use Gnosis Media as a payment processor" at checkout.

How many text blasts can I send out each month?

You may send out up to 6 text blasts each month to your subscribers. These messages can be additional donate prompts, special news, updates or alerts. Additionally, you have a limit of 250 total messages you can send and receive through your short code in a given month. If you exceed this amount, there is a $20 extra charge for each block of 250 that you go over.

What type of reporting do I get?

Reports are sent to you in an Excel spreadsheet (only on request).

How long does it take to activate our phone number?

Between 20 minutes and 24 hours.

Can we customize the text messages we send to users?

Yes. Our service allows for a high level of customization.

What is Donation Collection Assistance?

Making a pledge doesn't mean completing a donation. Your organization not only wants pledges, but you want those who pledge to actually complete those pledges and send you money. Donation Collection Assistance is our way of helping you accomplish this. This will typically mean that we text reminders to prospective donors and supply them with the nonprofit's Paypal donation link, website donation form, or other electronic payment gateway, and then prompt them to complete their donation. In the case of the 10-digit number, it may involve emailing prospective donors in order to help them complete the payment process.

What is Social Media Promotions?

Social Media Promotions includes posting information about the client's website or fundraising activity on our social media channels. You get social media promotions with our Smart and Pro plans.

Do you take a percentage of donations as a fee?

If you use your own payment processor, then no we do not keep any percentage of your donations. If you use PayPal or your own payment processor, we send users to that account to deposit funds, not ours. Therefore, the donated funds go directly into your bank accounts. Please note that Paypal may keep a nominal fee for processing the transaction.

However, if you use us as a payment processor, we keep 6% of each transaction as a processing fee. We collect funds for you and disburse them to you within 48 hours.

Are there any hidden fees, set up fees, or other charges not listed on your site?

No. Our pricing is completely transparent. The pricing you see here represents the only fees we charge. We do not currently charge a set up fee (although this can change at any time). All we charge is a monthly fee for the service; all features of your service are included in the monthly subscription fee.

Can my donors give any amount, or are they limited to fixed amounts?

With our service, your donors can give any amount they choose. You can also set a default amount of your choosing: $5, $10, $25, even $100, if you like. Or, you can leave the donation amount field blank, and let your donors decide what amount they wish to enter. You have complete flexibility with our service.

Am I limited to using PayPal, or can I use my own donation processor?

We prefer that you utilize Paypal because it has a sleek, mobile-friendly layout. Fulfillment rates with Paypal are higher typically. However, you are free to use any payment processor or landing page you want. Our goal is flexibility and ease of use. You may also use us as a payment processor.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Nope. Use our service for one day or one year. There is no obligation to a month-to-month contract.

Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! We support our service men and women in the armed forces. We offer a veterans discount 10% off all packages. Ask for our veterans coupon code before checking out.

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